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Pencil-draw subfunction (hatching)

This is a little simple script what helphs to hatching selected area of picture with a pencil-like lines (random noise+moving blur). This script is used in "yet another way" to stylize photo like a drawing. Examples are here,
full description is at

video example

Morphology edges detection

This is another simple script for edges detection. I like like it much more than standart edge detection scripts, because in case of photo processing it gives results more close to real ones.

After installation, script will be at Scripts/Leon/Morphology edges detection

I'm attached here an example: sources picture and results of Sobel and Morphology edge detection. Each edges are processed: colors inverted, Color-Levels-Auto.



Adaptive Threshold Edge Detect

An alternative edge detector based on the implementation in the OpenIllusionist project.

The original algorithm requires scaling down of the entire image area to be processed and it would have to be completely re-written to work with GIMP tiles. Since this plugin is a simple adaptation of the original algorithm it does not make use of tiles and therefore it needs to allocate a lot of memory to work. So please be aware that it may have problems if you attempt to use it on an extremely large image!

10% Edge Guides

This script sets guides at a 10% border around the image.

EAW Sharpen Plugin

EAW Sharpen is a filter which sharpens an image without annoying halos.
It's based on Mikes Python plugin:
More info about the algorithm from Raanan Fattal:


Creates the effect of a vintage postcard or greeting card using floral type images, possibly others.
Script will be found at Filter->Artistic->Postcard.

Translated to The Gimp from the Photoshop tutorial found at

I am presently teaching myself Scheme and Script-Fu, and this script is a learning experience for me-- YMMV. Let me know if it does, and I'll see what I can do about it.


I don't like the look of the existing beveling scripts so I wrote one up. It iterates shrinking selections to generate a bump map. It will use (in preferred order) the current selection, the alpha of the active layer, or the whole layer for the shape. The result is generated as a new layer set to hard light blend mode. It has:
- Inner and outer chisel/carve
- "Softness" parameter controls how hard/soft the heightmap bevel is
- "Effect Blur" parameter performs a post-bevel masked blur to make the chisel look more "puffy"
- Option to keep the bumpmap


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