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tile seamless

Repeated Painter (Seamless pattern creator)

This plugin is to help you to create seamless patterns or game tiles and so on. Everything you paint into image is copied periodically over the rest of image.

If you are interested, here is small introductory video:, though principle of its work is very simple...

Seamless texture maker

Useful plugin for texture artists. In two clicks you can create seamless texture from image.

- automatically blending edges to remove "seam" effect
- split image into 4 layers - convenient for further editing
- overlapping if you want to postprocess image manually
- automatically make square texture (optional) - if you want to make power-of-two texture for game
- no repeating pattern effect

Of course, sometimes you need to use stamp tool or eraser tool to make texture looks better. But it is super-easy due to autosplitted layers.

Make Weakly Seamless

Alters image to have gradually fading overlapped borders when tiled. Like The GIMP's filter Make Seamless, only not as strong an overlap. To achieve this, the image size is reduced. The overlap amount can be chosen by the user. The script can be accessed through /Filters/Map/Make Weakly Seamless...

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