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GNU General Public License

10% Grid Guides

This script sets guides at every 10% Vertical and Horizontal.

10% Edge Guides

This script sets guides at a 10% border around the image.

Rule of Thirds

This script set's guide at the "Rule of Thirds" lines.

Low Frequency Even ver 1.1 (UPDATED)

This plugin removes low frequency brightness and color differences from image. It's dedicated for creating textures for computer graphic from photos. But it shuld be usefull for other puroses too.

Switch Sides Ver 1.1

This is a simple script that switches the left and right halves of the loaded single layer image. I wrote this because I have a 3D lens and by switching the two halves of the image, the image become a cross-view 3D image. It makes the process quick and easy. Maybe someone else can benefit from it.

Version 1.1 doesn't flatten the image as version 1.0 did. Instead it merges the two layers, leaving the remaining layers as they were. The resulting layer has an alpha channel, so transparencies remain intact.


Generates a slime texture. You can control for the size of the texture, and the results are generated in a new layer in the active image.


Animation anime export 5.2.6

Create anime like clips/animations with any tool with out having a hassle


A simple script to generate a camo pattern. You can control for the colours used, number of colours, roughness of the edges, and size of the blobs. Results are generated in a new layer in the active image.


Wave Tank

Generates an animation by taking the active layer and applying a tileable, looping pattern like you might see on the bottom of a swimming pool. You can control the size of the pattern, number of frames, and blend mode of the pattern. The resulting animation is created in a new image.

Wave Tank

How it works

Initial image

Automaticly copies the image and insert this. The script creates a Layer-Mask and makes a part of the insert layer invisible.
It's great to have a part of the original image on the top, because than you have a very well comparision.

If you have any suggestions for improvement contact me.

Please notice: It's only version 1.0.0, so I hope it will be better in near future!

I hope this example conform your requests:


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