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Glass or Bevel

Creates a pretty simple (yet cool) smooth glass or bevel effect. Can work with alpha/mask contour as well as selection. Have fun!

P.S.: Sorry for the awkward plugin name. Couldn't make up anything better.


v1.03: The "Gloss Contrast" parameter added
v1.02: Smoothness = 0 was not possible
v1.01: Fixed working with mask contours
v1.0: Initial release

Logo Toolbox V1.3.1

This Script Has Been Updated to Version 1.3.1

Glass Selection script

; glass-selection.scm
; version 1.0 []
; last modified/tested by Paul Sherman
; 01/01/2010 on GIMP-2.6.8
; Create Glass Effect of Selection
; based upon glass-text.scm by Scott Mosteller

Download, info and screenshots:

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