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texture atlas layout game development tile sprite sheet

Create Texture Atlas and Map (export layers and call Sprite Sheet Packer)

This plugin will export the layers in your image as png files, using slightly modified functions from Chris Mohler's Export Layers as PNG plugin, then run Sprite Sheet Packer on them to generate a texture atlas and corresponding map (text file).

Important: Sprite Sheet Packer is needed for this, as well as my Miyagi skin exporter. I have attached it here, but you can also download these binaries from this link.

Texture Atlas Utilities

Utilities to create texture atlases from sets of images, useful in 3D games to avoid excessive state changes.

In addition to the atlas image, a ".tat" file is generated and updated to indicate which component images were incorporated into the atlas image. The format of this file is suitable for direct use in C/C++ development:

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