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Script-Fu Charcoal v1.0 Tested with Gimp 2.6

A Gimp script which turns a photograph into a black and white image which can look quite like a charcoal drawing. Works with RGB, Indexed and Greyscale images.

Results can be variable and are dictated by the tonal values of the photo used. Although small adjustments can cause quite large differences, the default settings should provide a reasonable starting point but do be prepared to experiment.

blackboard effect

It creates a effect like a blackboard painting. It is very simple, it works with three layers, the top is in hue mode, the middle is in saturation and the bottom layer has a Sobel filter and is equalized. It can work on copy. Is based on Simon Budig sample script. It has a BSD license.

Crea un efecto parecido al de pintar en una pizarra. Es simple, trabaja con tres capas, la superior está en modo tono, la del medio en modo saturación y a la inferior se la aplica un filtro Sobel y luego se ecualiza. Permite trabajar en copia y tiene una licencia BSD.

- GIMP 2.4

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