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GPL v3

gat_lines (generate scan lines) multi language

gat_lines is a simple plug-in to generate scan lines. It's written in Python and designed as a multi language tool.

Implemented Languages: English, German
If you are missing your language, please create with poedit a translation file based on file locale/gat_lines.pot, send the gat_lines.po to Than we will update the package on this server.



Please unzip all files of attached file include subfolders into your plug-in folder of THE GIMP. Restart THE GIMP.

Fuse layers

This script will join together all the layers of an image into a new image.
Useful for creating sprite sheets.

It will appear under Filters -> Combine -> Fuse layers.

Specular Difference

This plugin is for isolating specular light in a scene. It uses two photographs of the scene, one with specular light filtered by a polariser and the other allowing it through. The former is subtracted from the latter to leave mostly specular light.

Separate to PNGs - Silkscreen Tools

This plug-in prompts for a directory then exports your channels as individual PNG files. This could be useful for preparing artwork for screen printing (silkscreen).

How to use:
1. Open the channels dialog
2. Create a new channel, selecting opacity and fill color
3. Perform creation/editing on channel
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.
5. Run the filter

Remove the ".txt" extension from the file, and linux users be sure to flag the file as executable.

Unseparate PNGs - Silkscreen Tools

This plugin allows you to unseparate (recombine) individual PNG files (up to 6 files) and preview them in GIMP as they would be printed - for example on a 6-color silkscreen press. This is useful when preparing 1-color screens in GIMP or other programs, since you can get a reasonable representation of how they will look when printed atop one another.

This plug-in requires Python. Please do not ask how to install Python support for GIMP - search the forum (I'm looking at you, windows users ;)

Guillotine into Layers

Short description:,
The Guillotine-into-Layers plug-in is a variation on the Guillotine plug-in by Adam D. Moss. It is intended to address a shortcoming of the original: Too many windows opened! There is, however, a trade-off.



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