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Burnt Paper

This plugin creates a burnt-paper effect. It uses your selection as the original outline of the paper. It then creates an old looking piece of paper that is burnt around the edges and overlays the current layer atop this paper.

Here is an example of its output:

That image was created from a text layer and a selection that was larger than the text area:

Here is the plugin source file

Motivational Maker

Create a motivational poster from the current image: Enter a caption and some clever text, and you're ready to go!

Options include selecting the font face, size and color. You can also choose not to flatten the final result, if you want to edit the layers for that extra special touch.

The included text file details installation and usage. Feedback welcome!

Photo Border

Allows simple creation of Polaroid-like borders around photos, including optional adding of captions. May also be used for adding old fashioned white borders.

Border invert

It inverts the borders of the objects.

Invierte los bordes de los objetos.

- GIMP 2.4

Image modified


blackboard effect

It creates a effect like a blackboard painting. It is very simple, it works with three layers, the top is in hue mode, the middle is in saturation and the bottom layer has a Sobel filter and is equalized. It can work on copy. Is based on Simon Budig sample script. It has a BSD license.

Crea un efecto parecido al de pintar en una pizarra. Es simple, trabaja con tres capas, la superior está en modo tono, la del medio en modo saturación y a la inferior se la aplica un filtro Sobel y luego se ecualiza. Permite trabajar en copia y tiene una licencia BSD.

- GIMP 2.4

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