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Ressource importer

This python plug-in helps the user to import ressources into the right user gimp directory ~/.gimp-2.6/. This script has to be installed first in ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins, Gimp relaunched and it should appear at the bottom of Edit menu.
For more information, go to (english text).

Palette to Image

Palettes Menu -> Palette to Image

Take the active (selected) palette and create an image containing the colors and their names. Requires python.

- Font: pick the font for the name listing
- Size: size of each color

Tested with 2.6 and linux, but should work cross-platform.

TODO: it's hardcoded to a minimum of 200px wide - I should change that to something more reasonable. Some nice additions would be bg and text color selectors, and possibly some layout options (spacing, columns, etc.)

Have fun ;)

Seamless image of one the woven from palettes

To create seamless image of one the woven is very easy with plugin.
Run the plugins, selects a palette, obtains a new image with the model of the woven.

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