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This script is used to create a stamp style border around a picture.
I've just updated the script to have it working with Gimp version 2.4+

Resynthesizer, GIMP 2.6.8


I'm having problems with the resynthesizer plug-in. I have ran the resynthesizer.14 AND 16 and both are not working, a pop-up comes up. Saying that it failed to start because intl.dll was not found. I have not removed anything from the installed files.

I uploaded a picture of the pop-up below.

Thanks. :)

Voronoi Windows Binary

Here is the windows binary of the voronoi plugin, as the auther appears to be MIA.

This was discussed here in the forum:

-Rob A>


This script will take up to 8 colours chosen by the user and create a tiled image by choosing a colour at random for each tile. The colour and brush to use for the grout can also be chosen, along with the width and height of the image and the width and height of the tiles themselves.

Check out the README.txt for more info.

Comments and any useful info are welcome since this is my first attempt at a script.

If anyone wants to modify the script then they are more than welcome to do so.


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