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opencv frame loading without saving frame?

plugin for gimp to capture a frame from camera and to load it to gimp workspace.till nw i got the code to capture image and load the image but it is done by saving the captured frame but i want to load frame without saving the image....code till nw


Face Detection Plugin

This plugin detects faces in an input image, based on the example of the OpenCV wiki:

Unzip the folder and type "make", you need the libcv-dev packet to compile the source code.
You will find the plugin then under Filters -> Generic -> Face Detection CV.

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DustCleaner is a GIMP plug-in to automatically detect and remove the dust spots in digital images. It was registered under the menu of filter->noise.

Up-to-date binaries and source code can be found here:
Demo can be found here:

Depthmap Plugin

This plugin generates a depthmap out of two stereoscopic images.
Install it with:
gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-depthmap.c
Then open the two images as layers in GIMP and start the plugin under Filters -> Map -> Depthmap.

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