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GNU GPL version 3 or any later version, see

Website Window Creator Script

This script creates a new image with a window useful for web design.

To install this script, copy it to your scripts folder, then restart Gimp. If you don't know where your scripts folder is, then go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scripts.

To run this script, select File > Create > Website Window.

Feedback is appreciated, and I will consider any changes that you request.

Four-corner gradient

Version 2.4

This Script-Fu creates a completely new image having an RGB and/or HSV gradient in two directions - both horizontally and vertically - based on the colors you specify for the four corners. The layer name includes the parameters to support reproducibility.

Superceded as of 4/26/09 by 2-Dimensional Gradient.

Gradient-to-gradient Gradient

Version 1.0.2

This script-fu creates a completely new image having an RGB and/or HSV gradient vertically between any two GIMP gradient patterns.

Note that this script-fu has a repeating loop, so the wider you make this image, the longer the script will take to run.

Find in Filters > Render > Gradients > Gradient to gradient...

Superceded as of 4/26/09 by 2-Dimensional Gradient.

Obama "HOPE" Script

Che Guevara Script

Water reflection displacement map generator

Builds displacement map to produce realistic water-like 3D reflection effect. 

Please see Tutorial with step-by-step instructions and examples.

Version 1.2.1Compatibility issue fixed ( GIMP 2.6.7 )


This plugin evens the tone of an image. It useful in photography for correcting weird light, and can hide skin blemishes.

The layers are not merged to allow opacity adjustments after the filter has been run.

Usually for a photograph, you'll want to use either the sharpen layer, or the "Soft Light" layer. Using both can make colors look too saturated, and has a posterizing effect.

For extra sharpness, change the sharpen layer mode to grain merge, but be ready to lessen the opacity, as the effect is quite striking.

Phoca Save Icons

This script (script-fu) allows users saving PNG with different size formats at once. It is useful if you are creating e.g. icons and you want to save all size formats at once. You can select:
- 512 x 512px
- 256 x 256px
- 128 x 128px
- 64 x 64px
- 48 x 48px
- 32 x 32px
- 22 x 22px
- 16 x 16px
See description here:

Fake high dynamic range effects addons

Here you find a script to create HDR effects
I changed the code a bit and release two other similar scripts with a bit different effects.

Fake high dynamic range effect for Gimp

HDR Fake Effect is a script for The GIMP
This script produces a fake HDR effect + on an image
I follow the tut of jneurock at and then creat this script-fu
here the link :
Note :
If you want to use Fake HDR plus then you may need do this tutorial
one time for know what the input value do these work.
The script use some code from Dodge burn is a script for The GIMP
by Harry Phillips
The script is located in " / Script-Fu / Enhance / HDR Fake Effect..."


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