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GNU GPL version 3 or any later version, see

Fuse layers

This script will join together all the layers of an image into a new image.
Useful for creating sprite sheets.

It will appear under Filters -> Combine -> Fuse layers.

Create Color Wheel

This is a python script that creates a new image of a color wheel on a transparent background. I wrote this script so that I could have an image of a color wheel to use as a color selector inside a C++ program. I wanted a color wheel image that was not copyrighted. This script was inspired by KEMPER BARKHURST. He wrote script-fu-kbColorWheel.scm. I converted his script to python and modified it to remove the lines between each hue.



Cross-Process (Python version with options)

OK - so I saw this plugin today:
Cross Processing (Xpro)
Which is based on this excellent tutorial by jEsuSdA:

After running through the tutorial, I decided to write another version of the plug-in with a few options.

This plug-in requires Python. If you have the 'Filters->Python-Fu->Console' menu item you are all set. If not, install Python support for GIMP.
The plugin can be found under Filters>Artistic>Cross-Process. Don't forget to make the plugin executable.



Reduces high ISO banding, blue haze and somewhat chroma noise. Intended for images produced by Olympus gear on higher ISO settings, could be useful on images from other companies. It's fast, but alters colors, lightning of the scene in a dodge-burn fashion. New version adds Gaussian blur on Y, Cr & Cb channels, which can be used separately.

When saving script please remove ending '.txt' extension, and make sure script is marked as executable.

Copy Move Plugin

This plugin finds places on images which have been altered with the clone tool.
It's based on the stand-alone copymove sourcecode from John Graham-Cumming:
This detector uses the technique described in:
'Detection of Copy-Move Forgery in Digital Images', Fridrich, Soukal and Lukas

Lightning Bolt

This is a script to generate animated lightning bolts, like the one below, with various options.


Here is a quick summary of the options for this script:

Image X and Y size: Controls the dimensions of the final image. Recommended dimensions are a really tall image.
Number of frames: Number of frames (layers) in the final image.

Instability: large values make for quick fluctuations and jagged lightning, small values make for gentler curves

Wood Grain

A simple script to generate a wood grain pattern. You can control for the dimensions of the resultant pattern. Results are generated in a new layer in the active image.

Wood Grain

Version two (sf-will-wood-gradient.scm) allows you to control banding frequency, and specify your own colours

Get Curves Plugin

This plugin calculates the color curve from two different pictures (Original and Modified).
Build and install it with:
$ gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-get-curves.c


A script to generate an animated fire, tileable horizontally. Requires the "Incandescent" gradient that comes with the GIMP


Has the following options:
Image X and Y size: controls the size of the resultant image
Vertical and Horizontal Scale: controls the scale of the flames.
Flame Height: controls the maximum height of the flames as a fraction of the image height.
Detail: controls the detail on the flames, but too much makes them look strange
Gradient: Choose a different gradient to use

Four panel Comic page script

Basic script to create a template for a 4 panel comic page. All Panels are the same size based on page size and 2X2 layout with a 50 pixel border between them. Will do some more work on the script later to make it more flexible.

If you want the panels to be clear so you can slide you images in behind them then remove the ; from the start of line 39
; (gimp-edit-clear layer)

once installed you can find the script on the filter menu (should be down near the bottom).


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