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Batch Image Watermark Script

This post is a copy of my website post; Please see original blog post for any updates:

In short: This script allows you to add an image watermark to a directory of pictures!

Lets start (Linux users please adjust where necessary!)

BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin.

BIMP is a graphical batch plugin to apply a set of GIMP manipulations on groups of images.
You can use predefined manipulations like resize, crop, flip, rotate, color correction, sharpen, watermark, format conversion, rename, but you can also select other installed plugins or script-fu and apply them to each image.

Windows version and source code for Linux/Mac systems:

Batch Tools Watermark

Add Watermark text to images in batch mode.

V.1.02 (20111108) - Based on the plugin Version 1.04 by Alexander Hadjiivanov 2010.


- Reported only the Bump Map portion of the code by Alexander

- The watermark is bumped with font size specified by the user (result is a smaller text box)

- Position is specified as corner of the image

- Added offset (horizontal and vertical) for the watermark,from the border of the image

- Added choice for horizontal or vertical position

Batch watermarking and resizing

This plug-in is designed for batch watermarking and resizing of image files. It lets you choose the directory which contains the images, the file extension, the font, the copyright text and the options associated with the processing. Useful for photographers who upload a lot of photos on the web and don't want to watermark every single file individually. The resulting images contain between one and four instances of the copyright text (selectable as an option).


Imprints a non-intrusive faint text watermark sparsely repeated over the entire image. The watermark is meant to be visible upon close inspection without disturbing the viewing of the image.

The watermark visibility can be fine-tuned by changing the opacity of the watermark layer.

Contains an image plugin that operates on an open image and a batch
plugin that requires the filenames for the source and modified images.

Requires Python.

Install in the plug-ins GIMP directory. Make sure the file is executable or GIMP will ignore it.


Watermarks a bunch of photos with the watermark file specified. Files are output to the ./WM subdirectory in the format specified.

The watermark is applied with a difference mode overlay in the bottom right corner. Let me know if something should be parametrized.

I run this script like so:

gimp -i -b '(python-fu-watermarker RUN-NONINTERACTIVE "{PATH-TO-FILES}" "{PATH-TO-WATERMARK}" "jpg")' -b '(gimp-quit 0)'

Bump Text - Watermark

Generates watermark by bump mapping the selected layer with the specified input text. Uses the bump mapping technique found here:

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