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generate three vista plus (mac) type buttons

This is an adaption of a script that I found (not sure where now but possible to re-find by searching on google). The name under the registration was Lucas Pettett so I guess it was his.
Originally it took some colours and text and produced a vista style button with a gradient dark part and light part horizontally divided. The corners were rounded and it had a border.
I have added the following things (so I can quickly create buttons for some of the applications I am working on):

  1. horizontal edge has rounded corners and feathered
  2. produces three versions:


    This plug-in creates a Taijitu, or yin-yang, shape of any size between 300x300 and 3000x3000. The colors can be chosen at the start of the procedure, and the resulting picture has a transparent background. The attached picture shows the results of running the defaultscript.
    I did this mainly while mucking around with selections in scripting. Enjoy!

    Split Tone Script with Edge Detection

    This is a simple modification of the split tone script of tuxcomputers.
    It adds optional edge detection. I did also some clean-up and some encapsulation to avoid confusion with other scripts.
    Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Script-Fu -> Color -> Split Tone with ED.

    Lightning Frame

    This plug-in uses a shaped gradient and multiple layers to make a staggered border of different colored lightning. The image can be from 300x300 to 3000x3000, and the image can have up to 20 frames of lightning. The hues of the lightning gradually change as you go further toward the center of the image.
    It's a difficult image to try to describe, so an image of what this script does is attached. This is an 800x600 image, using 5 frames. Using one frame will give a lightning border that can be used for any sized image.
    The script works with GIMP Version 2.6. Enjoy!

    Import Kuler (ASE) palettes

    Import Kuler palettes into GIMP 2.6.

    Palettes Dock -> Menu -> Palettes Menu -> Import Kuler palette...

    This plug-in requires Python.  Also, make sure that the .py file is executable! If you have already installed previous version of the plug-in, you must remove the old version.

    Should now correctly handle RGB and La*b* palettes. Also, basic support is there for CMYK palettes - however, the CMYK conversion is not 100% accurate.  One or more of your RGB values may be 1 less than what is specified in the Kuler interface.

    Sample a Gradient Along a Path

    A script to create a new gradient by sampling along a path drawn in an image.

    Example and usage are here:

    This was tested under 2.6 but should work under 2.4

    Please note the script registers under the Gradient Menu (from the gradient dialog). It will error out if called on an image that has no paths defined.

    -Rob A>

    Depthmap Plugin

    This plugin generates a depthmap out of two stereoscopic images.
    Install it with:
    gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-depthmap.c
    Then open the two images as layers in GIMP and start the plugin under Filters -> Map -> Depthmap.

    Gas Giant

    This script is nother in a series of planet makers. This one makes a banded gas giant. There can be anywhere from one to 20 bands in the planet. Each band is an equal height, and has Plasma noise rendered in it. Each layer is then motion blurred. The result is then mapped onto a sphere, and gaussian blurred to make the edges nice and fuzzy.

    Tapered Stroke on Path

    Draws a tapered stroke along a path using the current tool, specifying the start and end stroke width.

    Details and example are located here.


    A simple plug-in to convert RGB images to YUV in GIMP. This means that after having applied the filter, you will get luminance (Y) in the red channel (R), and chrominances in green and blue channel. By using the decompose plugin, or the channel dialog, you will be able to work in YUV space, and be back in RGB space by the reverse plugin.


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