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Sharp Blur

From the script site "":

The purpose of this script is to blur an image while retaining its edges. While this may seem like a contradiction, it really is not: sharp edges get preserved while soft edges are discarded.

The main area of application for this script has been the retouching of bad scans, but it has many other areas of use.

Originally created by Mark Probst, Ported from 2.0 to 2.6 by Lennart Rolland.

Multi scale

Scales an image multiple times in defined step sizes until the desired size is reached while retaining the aspect ratio of the image.

This is basically the "Scale in steps" script from K.-M. Hansche tailored to my needs.

Give the desired size of the image and select whether this is for width or height. The step size defines how much pixels the image will be shrunken every time. When flattening the image, the layers will be merged and the image is automatically cropped. The other options control the scaling itself.

Tapestry v3.0

Colorize to PNGs

Simple plug-in to colorize the image in all hues (0-360) and save each colorized image in the specified directory.

This plug-in requires the GIMP Python module.

islamic art and geometric design

How to install :
after download islamic-design-1.scm or islamic-design-2.scm file from below copy it to scripts folder:
How to use :
start Gimp and create new image and set Brush,color,... then go to : /Filters/Render/islamic-design
set WIDTH and click ok !

Color Management+ display filter

This is a modified version of "Color Management" display filter (display-filter-lcms).

Please see the video at

Copyright text batch

A batch version of copyright text made by EG

You can call this script in batch mode, after copying it in ~/gimp-2.6/scripts

gimp -b '(VB-Copyright-batch "file-name" "Text-copyright" "Font" color position)' -i -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
Color : 0 - gray
1 - black
2 - white
Position : 0 - Bottom right
1 - Bottom left
2 - Bottom center
3 - Top right
4 - Top left
5 - Top center
6 - Image center

run examples :

gimp -b '(VB-Copyright-batch "img.JPG" "\302\251 - 2010 VB" "Arial" 2 1)' -i -b '(gimp-quit 0)'

B&P Glossy Button 01

[UPDATE: 2012 APR 29]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Plugin was updated to work with Gimp 2.7+
Visit home page for details.
A glossy Web 2.0 style button generator for GIMP.
Built and tested with GIMP 2.6.

Requires a Python module for GIMP.

Generate a glossy button using a set of parameters: dimensions, shadow, color, text, button states etc.

More info at


Glossy Stroke 3D

This python plug-in strokes or fills the current selection and creates a 3D glossy effect with a dropped shadow. The color, brush, lighting, and shadow are adjustable through the initial dialog. Use the Filters/Light and Shadow/GlossyStroke 3D menu.

Note: Depending on the color, adjusting the opacity of the "volume" layers can give better results.

It is my first GIMP plugin, so any comment, criticism or improvement is appreciated. The 3D effect parameter could certainly be improved.

12/16/10 - Version 1.2.0
- The light direction is now opposite to the shadow.

Color Vision Deficiency

Simulates different types of color vision deficiency (color blindness) with differing levels of severity.
In addition to the functionality of the display filter "Color Vision Deficiency", this plug-in also simulates color weakness, not just complete color blindness and allows to save the resulting image.

  • Protanomaly (red weak)
  • Deuteranomaly (green weak)
  • Tritanomaly (blue weak)

At a severity level of 1.0, it simulates dichromacy, i.e. the complete absence of the relevant color receptor:

  • Protanopia (red blind)
  • Deuteranopia (green blind)


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