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Any version of the GNU GPL. See
Should be added when you choose one of the other GPL options.

Ressource importer

This python plug-in helps the user to import ressources into the right user gimp directory ~/.gimp-2.6/. This script has to be installed first in ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins, Gimp relaunched and it should appear at the bottom of Edit menu.
For more information, go to (english text).

To slice and merge images - New version 2.0

Slices and joins scriptfu is useful when you want to split one image 'file' into smaller 'files', and to recombine it successively. One single image 'file' can be split into unlimited number of files. Image-slice script save on the file imagename.rcm all the data for the reconstruction.

Bugs fixed and enhancement:
Duplicate file name
Invalid path name (Linux user)

Slice export maintains the transparency.
Add Option in order to recompose all pieces on a layer.
Limited the maximum number of lines and columns to the dimension in pixel of the image.

For more information

Updated PhotoLab script with modified borders and save metadata in JPGs.

Add Borders and Copyright information in Gimp
I modified the batch processing plug-in for Gimp called PhotoLab to add a border that I liked better than the original. I also added copyright information that is written on the border. The biggest hurdle though was Gimp itself -- the built-in jpg save functions lose all the metadata, including the photo-taken timestamp that I use to sort the photos and the photo captions.

3D text

With this script you can give a 3D effect to a text in a text-layer. It is based on the Bump project script that is already in the standard GIMP. When started, you can adapt the depth and he direction of the 3D effect.It will create a new layer, behind the text-layer, that will contain the 3D effect.

Resynthesizer win64 + Heal selection + Pattern fill

Windows 64 bit build of resynthesizer with heal texture fix and pattern fill scripts from here.

Batch Brushes

This little bit of Script-Fu converts all images of a specified extension in a single folder to greyscale .gbr files. script-fu popup prompts you for the folder containing the images, and which extension to filter on.

Brushes are created in the same folder as the images, using the original filenames (but with .gbr as the extension instead of frex. .jpg).

Tested in Windows XP with GIMP 2.6 - not tested in other environments or versions, but as this script is very bare bones, it should work on any GIMP version from at least 2.2 up (not sure about earlier).

Rare plugins win32 binaries

Some 'rare' or 'lost and found' plugins:


Autoscale and auto constrast stretch HSV

This script scales the image in multiple steps, automatically stretching contrast HSV at every step in order to make the resulting image have a better quality and contrast, preserving hue.

The user is required to specify the final image long side length (in pixels) and the scaling ratio in percentage of each step, default percentage is 66.

According to the plugin "plug-in-autostretch-hsv" by Scott Goehring and Federico Mena Quintero, stretching contrast HSV may give bad results. Contrast stretching can be disabled.

Gimp Plugins installers for Win32

Several Windows users think that installing Gimp plugins under Windows is hard.

As I was playing around with Inno Setup, I randomly chose these plugins, only because I had just a new Windows 32 compilation of them, and I release those first plugin installers without any warranty.

They should work on any Windows version, but I'm waiting for feedbacks.

These are automated Windows installers. Please, do not copy the setup files into your Gimp plug-ins directory!

Comic strip

This script-fu script is a deeply modified version of the comic-book1 script by barky. While that script works well for web resolution images, higher res images need a larger cell size to keep the correct look and feel.
The plugin-interactions have been left in a active state to allow the user to fine tune the effect based on resolution.
This script uses the following default plugins:
unsharp mask

17, June 2010 -- Script repaired to remove fixed image id.


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