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Any version of the GNU GPL. See
Should be added when you choose one of the other GPL options.


Gimpimpressionist is already included in gimp but with a preview too poor and microscopic to be of some utility
with a simple hack i multiplied the hardcoded preview size from 100x100 to 600x400 offer a much bigger preview. you may see the difference!


would be possible with some knowledge of C a much better preview:

Small Tiles- BIG preview

Small Tiles is already included in gimp but with a too poor and microscopic preview
this version simply offer a much bigger preview...see the difference!

Small Tiles

thank to Francois Collard there is a Windows version ready (in the zip,is first link )
GUI is in english , the translation in other languages may not work

Depth Merge -BIG preview

Depth Merge is already included in gimp but with a too poor preview so microscopic to be unusable
Now hacked to be bigger


Thank to Francois Collard there is a windows version already available (is the first link, the file in the zip )

Please note that this is a REPLACEMENT not a new filter to add:

Fractal Trace -BIG preview )

Fractal Trace is already included in Gimp , but hard to use because the microscopic preview
The difference is all in the preview size now multipled.

gimp-Fractal Trace-hack

NOTE ,: this is a replacement not a additional plugin to install first remove the original plugin

thank to Francois Collard there is also a windows binary


Simple Contrast Mask

script-fu-simple-contrast-mask adds a contrast mask layer above the current active layer. A contrast mask brightens the dark parts of an image and darkens the bright parts. This serves to enhance details.

The script is called "simple" because it does not ask any questions. It assumes defaults for all parameters. Specifically, the radius for the Gaussian blur is set to one percent of the shortest dimension of the image (width or height). The user can adjust the blending level after creation by adjusting the opacity in the layers dialog.

Pile's photos effect

New version (probably the last): add "work on copy" option. (

New version with random Hue Lightness and Saturation. (

This plug-in allows you to split an image into many small overlapping images.
Filters-->Decor-->Pile's Photos

PSPI Manager

Gimp PSPI manager - enable and/or disable filters *.8bf.
The idea for PSPI Manager is based on the Brush Manager 2.00 by Sean Bogie.
[ ]
Accessibility to filters from newly marked directories requires restart Gimp.
Requirements Python and PSPI Running Photoshop plug-ins (pspi.exe)
[ ]
In annex readme.pdf

Respace Tiles


This Script-fu scripts could help with certain tileset manipulations. Specifically changing margin and spacing.


Generates a complex rim around an arbitrary shape from a line of pixels. Get it from SourceForge:


This is a Gimp plugin that uses Python to re-implement Scalex algorythm. This plugins come with an extra, Scale2Ex that combine scale2x and gimp dilate plugin.

Scale2x is real-time graphics effect able to increase the size of small bitmaps guessing the missing pixels without interpolating pixels and blurring the images.

It was originally developed for the AdvanceMAME project in the year 2001 to improve the quality of old games with a low video resolution.

The Scale2x effect was developed by Andrea Mazzoleni in the year 2001 for the project AdvanceMAME.


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