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Any version of the GNU GPL. See
Should be added when you choose one of the other GPL options.

Exact Aligner

This script brings 2 pictures to an exact overlap.
The pictures must be in 2 different layers of the same image.
Get the layer 2 with 50% transparency. This makes both pictures visible in one projection.
You have to tell the script, which 2 points have to overlap. Therefore you stroke a path with a path tool in the image including 4 points. Point 1 will be aligned with point 3 and point 2 will be aligned with point 4.
The points build one path. So you can just click the 4 points consecutively.
More description is in the file.

creates a shadow transparent version of the image

creates a shadow (transparent) version of the image

i use this script for colorizing an img with CSS/HTML
i.e. I display the shadow img (in the HTML) and change the bg color with CSS

if u use the original colors from the picture u should get almost the same picture
u can play with the black-point/white-point values for less/more gray...
though it doesn't change much...

it meant to be use with uni-color img, but works with any img.


Win-Iconizer plug-in converts all visible layers of a single image into a multi-layered image.
The new image will contain all the sizes and all the standard bit depths that you chose.

Lightsaber v1.3.0

Creates a Lightsaber effect!

New features: (v1.3.0)
  • You don't have to have white FG and black BG set - it will set it on its own
  • It will set your original FG/BG colors back
  • Installs alongside previous version (Donno why you would want the old
    version, but just in case.)
  • Creates saber based on a selection

Export Layers as PNG

File->Export Layers->as PNG

Prompts for a folder to save PNG files. Pretty straightforward. *Requires* python!

Should work with 2.4.x through 2.8.x. Will NOT work with some 2.7.x versions and the 2.8 RC1! 2.7 users should move on to current git and 2.8 RC users should upgrade to current 2.8.

- toggle to flatten (remove transparency).
- toggle to save only visible layers
- now saves as filename + layername and special characters are removed
- toggle to remove layer offsets
- toggle to zealous crop each PNG before saving

OpenRaster load/save handler

OpenRaster is an effort by the Create project[1] to offer a standardized and open interchange format for raster-based applications. MyPaint and Drawpile (SVN version) uses this format by default, and Krita and gegl should be able to use it. Now GIMP can too! This plug-in will be in GIMP 2.7.1+ If you are using such a version, please use the provided plugin instead of this one.


List Guides

Simple script that generates a sorted list of all the guides in an image, grouped by horizontal and vertical.

-Rob A>

GAP-2.6 (windows binary)

GAP is the Gimp Animation Packadge
This version has been updated to work with GIMP v2.6 and includes the latest stable release of FFMPEG (used for video encoding/decoding). Improvements have been made to storyboarding, as well as various optimizations and bug fixes.

A Windows installer for GAP 2.6 for windows was created by JamesH but went soon MIA for bandwidth problems,

Install is simple how double click on the installer,(in the "INSTALLER" folder)
you will need only that to install GAP

anyway pack contain also some extra goodies :

Layer Informations

Script-fu that displays the active layer name and x, y, w, h

LAB Sharpen

This script does LAB sharpening using the unsharp mask in the luminance (L) layer. It decomposes the image into LAB layers, sharpens the luminance layer (using the supplied settings), and then recomposes the image. The interface is the same as the unsharp mask (radius, amount, threshold), but the filter is only applied to the luminance layer.


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