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GNU GPL version 2 or any later version, see

Fractalize Path

This script will take the active path and fractalize it, using a random midpoint displacement algorithm, with the displacement proportionate to the length between nodes. Also the nodes don't move.

Parameters are:

Vignette Script

Creates a vignette around a selection.

- Vignette based on selection and active layer.
- Softness, opacity, and colour of the vignette can be changed in the dialog box.
- Checking "Keep Layers" allows adjustment of vignette opacity after the fact.
- Also check "Keep Layers" if you have other layers visible otherwise they will be merged down.

Location: Filters/Light and Shadow/Vignette

Sample Average Colour

This simple plugin was created in response to a request here.

It simply samples the entire image colour, and allows you to either:
- Display the RGB or grey values
- Set the foregound colour
- Set the background colour
- Add it to the current palette (if editable)

There is a toggle to sample just the layer, or the merged image.

It registers in the Colour menu as "Sample Average Colour..." and should work for RGB, indexed, or greyscale images.

Rotate (and resize) Brush

Updated for version 2.6. Resizing brushes is pretty much obsolete, but rotating, mirroring and inverting brushes is still useful.


From the help: Enlarge by synthesizing a concentric band that matches the edge, maintaining perspective. Works best for small enlargement with natural edges. Undo a Crop instead if possible! Requires separate resynthesizer plug-in.

This is the initial version, lightly tested.

Examples show that the results are not always acceptable: undesirable artifacts appear in undesirable regular patterns. In other words, hit and miss. The attached examples are the result of Uncrop at 20 percent.

Hex Grid

This is a script to render hexagonal grids.

It shows up as Filters->Render->Pattern->Hex Grid... (which is the same sub-menu as the existing grid script).  This script works on the current layer/drawable to be consistent with the way the normal grid plugin works.

Sample Gradient from Image

This script compliments my "Sample Gradient Along a Path" script and was originally developed to generate the gradients bundled here.  This script simply scales the image to be 1 px high and samples across it, so it only works correctly with horizontal gratent images. 

You can however create some interesting gradients with other images.  For example, an image that is 1/2 black and 1/2 white diagonally will creat a gratent that blends linearly from black to white!

magie-0.3 Dynamic Range Transform Plugin Win32

A new Windows 32 compilation of this fine plugin by Ivan Bezdomniy, with French and Italian translations added. Sources included.

Tileable Filters

I have created a wrapper script to allow a number of existing filters to have tileable results (assuming the input layer is tilable).
This script creates the following new menu entries (modeled after the Tileable Blur provided in Gimp already):
Filters >Distorts >Tileable Emboss
Filters >Blur >Tileable Motion Blur
Filters >Distorts >Tileable Wind
Filters >Light and Shadow >Tileable Sparkle
Filters >Noise >Tileable Slur
Filters >Noise >Tileable Spread
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Cubism
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Oilify
Filters >Artistic >Tileable Photocopy

Backup Working

This is a simple script I wrote to help make backups when working on a large image.

There are no parameters.

It will save a backup copy of your active image as [imagename-ext]-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.xcfgz in the same directory as your active image.
The script has been modified to allow a limit to the number of backups. The default has been set as 5.
To change this edit line 41 of the script:

(maxbackups 5) ; Change this to define the number of backup files to keep!!!

to whatever you want. Set it to 0 for the old behaviour (no limit)


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