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GNU GPL version 2 or any later version, see

Calendar maker

UPDATE (January 2011): I have updated the attached script and added a command for generating a calendar for the entire year using various languages (note that only the language of the rendered calendar is changed, the script's interface itself will still be in English). A more thorough description of the script can be found by visiting

Smooth Path (new)

This plugin will take the active path and smooth it, using a Bezier
interpolation algorithm. If you've ever wanted to define a bunch of
points, and then have the GIMP draw a smooth path through them, this
plugin is for you. There is the option to smooth corners between a
range of angles.

Settings include:

Voronoi Path

This plugin will take a set of points (specified with the Path tool) from which it will generate a Voronoi diagram in the form of a new path. There is the option to preserve the original points as a separate path, and a hack is used to ensure these original points can be stroked (assuming a round or square cap style). The algorithm used is described here:

This plugin creates a new entry in the Paths dialog right-click menu.

Stroke Path with Taper

This plugin will create a stroke with a taper, or in other words, a stroke with a start width and an end width, rather than just a constant width. There is an existing plugin that does the same, but this one is a bit faster (although still slow), and has a lot more options.

Settings include start width, end width, exponent (how rapidly the line width changes from start to end), tolerance (there is a inverse relation between speed and accuracy), as well as nearly all the line styles available with the regular GIMP stroke function (e.g. cap/join style).

Curve Bend Between Paths

This is a simplified front end to the curve bend script to help in straightening a distorted image. Create two paths with a maximum of 17 nodes each (drawn from left to right) tracing the existing image top and bottom curve, and it the script will calculate the curve bend parameters and run it to straighten the image.

After running the script, you can crop as desired, or perform further correction by shearing, or rotating the image by 90 degrees, drawing two new paths and running the script again

Image in sample was provided by lontarm at gimptalk.

Smooth Path


Replaced by a new version here
sorry if for a technical issue i can't just update this page by Werner Hartnagel

This python plug-in was part of Python archive found at Werner Hartnagel's sourceforge site located at: by Werner Hartnagel (Now Working)

I made modifications to this Python plugin to get it working. It came with the python plug-in package found at: can get the modified plugin below.

List Guides

Simple script that generates a sorted list of all the guides in an image, grouped by horizontal and vertical.

-Rob A>


A Python plug-in to post images to Twitpic, yfrog and directly from inside Gimp.


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