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GNU GPL version 2 or any later version, see

Blizzard BLP importer

Gimp Plugin to import blizzard BLP verson 2 file importer.

I created this in 2009 to assist me with creating a World of Warcraft addon. I couldn't find any BLP importers for the Gimp then, so I decided to make my own.


I don't like the look of the existing beveling scripts so I wrote one up. It iterates shrinking selections to generate a bump map. It will use (in preferred order) the current selection, the alpha of the active layer, or the whole layer for the shape. The result is generated as a new layer set to hard light blend mode. It has:
- Inner and outer chisel/carve
- "Softness" parameter controls how hard/soft the heightmap bevel is
- "Effect Blur" parameter performs a post-bevel masked blur to make the chisel look more "puffy"
- Option to keep the bumpmap


Divide Scanned Images

A script that will detect multiple images within a single image, crop them, optionally straighten them, and save them out with incrementing filenames+numbers. It was developed to aid in separating photos scanned on a flatbed scanner as one "image".

There is a big discussion thread over at gimptalk on this:

The script also provides a batch mode to process a while directory of scanned images pages.

Note that the straightening will only work if you have the deskew plugin installed:

Calendar Generator

I found this plugin that helps you to generate calendars with your pictures.
The code seems still works fine in gimp 2.6, and it currently it can generate calendars with deutsch, englishk, catalan and french

All the credit goes to Moritz Mekelburger

Paper Box creator

This script creates a new image with paper box pattern. You need just print, cut and paste together. Any entered text will be rendered on Box sides with optimal font size.

Script is installed into Filter/Utils/Paper Box creator.


Script dialog:

01.01.2010 - v1.0

  • Initial version

01.01.2010 - v1.1

    Indexed HSL

    This script works just like the HSL adjustment Tool, but on indexed images. (I am using the same calculation Gimp uses.)

    While it is relatively simple to convert in indexed image to RGB, use the HSL Tool, then convert back to an indexed image, the drawback is that the image colour index locations aren't preserved, and you need to know how many colours are in the original colormap.

    This script provides the same HSL parameters and modifies the individual entries in the colourmap palette without changing the order.

    Extend Layer To Image Size

    The script adds an "Extend to Image Size" command under the Layer Menu which will scale the (visible portion) of the active layer so that it has the same dimensions as the image canvas.

    If there is a selection when the script is run, the selected region will be "protected" from scaling and only the (visible) regions of the layer residing outside the selection get scaled.

    Calendar with image

    This is a Python plug-in, written initially in Spanish by Mr Javier Pacheco, which from an image creates a standard complete month calendar. It has been translated in English and modified by me to try for more flexibility in the design of a standard calendar. Seven layers (plus an optional one) are added to the image to control the three main elements mostly below it on the page : background, calendar box and month-year info.
    The options in the dialog are:
    ° Separation between the image and the calendar box
    ° Width of the calendar box relative to the image

    Global Apply Color

    WARNING: This script will overwrite your images! Make a backup first.

    Hi, I'm a web developer and i often want to test my designs in different colors. To avoid changing images one by one i did this simple script (my first one) to rapidly get a feel of how it looks like.

    The script desaturates all open images in GIMP and creates a layer in Color mode with the color you pick on the non-transparent parts of those images and finally saves them.

    Draw arrow

    Update [11/15/2009] : Added fixed brush width and double headed error, removed bug 1) one-point-paths, 2) horizontal paths
    Update [11/16/2009] : Fixed image type restriction string
    Update [11/19/2009] : Added feature for absolute wing length, fixed handling gray-scale images
    Update [25/01/2010]: Fixed fixed opacity bug (thanks to Richard)

    This plugin enables GIMP to draw an arbitrary arrow into an image or a new layer. The plugin has reasonable default values for every paramtere but is freely adjustable to ones needs. Parameters are:


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