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Harry's vignetting

Script to create an elliptical vignetting, so that to fit to the borders of any image, even panoramic.
You can choose dark or white vignetting and also blur corners.
You'll find it in Script-Fu/Effects/Harry's Vignetting.

Vignette Script

Creates a vignette around a selection.

- Vignette based on selection and active layer.
- Softness, opacity, and colour of the vignette can be changed in the dialog box.
- Checking "Keep Layers" allows adjustment of vignette opacity after the fact.
- Also check "Keep Layers" if you have other layers visible otherwise they will be merged down.

Location: Filters/Light and Shadow/Vignette

Lomo Script with Old Style Colors

This script simulates the Lomo effect.
Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Lomo.

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