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Path shape creator

  • 24-jul-2014 Shapes Rectangle and square with spikesDownload from here
  • 23-jul-2014 New shape ray
  • 2-jul-2014 6c revision

    Download from gimp-shape-creator-6b

  • Path Shape creator 3: roundness for polygons and stars

    • 2-may-2014- Added new shape Flower
    • 1-may-2014- Added new shape Spiral

    Fibonacci spiral

    Converts a square or rectangular image into a Fibonacci spiral by making smaller copies of the image, rotating them, and arranging them into a spiral tiling. If the initial image is square, then the tiling has no overlap; for a rectangular image, the user can specify a blending mode for how the overlap is treated.

    Golden yucca


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