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exposure blend high dynamic range HDR bracketed

Load images for HDR blending

Load 3 or 5 images of an exposure series into GIMP for HDR blending.

This is a helper script aimed at automating the loading procedure of the GIMP HDR Workflow described at


Here's a quick overview of the HDR workflow:

Map Scale Ruler Legend Generator

It generates a ruler to embed into geographical maps. It allows to customize scale, colors and other things.

The main options are: Step(px) and Step(unit). They define the scale of the rule. Each "px" a step is drawn, representing "unit" kilometers, miles or meters, etc.

See the Screenshots

Exposure Blend

This script is by JD Smith and updated for GIMP 2.3+ by Alan Stewart. Main website:
After installation, you can access the script from [Toolbox]/Xtns/Photography/Exposure Blend...

exposure-blend makes quick work of blending 3 bracketed exposures into a detailed, realistic, extended contrast image. It has many features to save you the drudgery of assembling contrast blended stacks yourself:

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