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Make Interlaced 3D

Produces an interlaced (interleave) picture for viewing on polarized-mask 3D monitors. Supports horizontal and vertical interlacing, depth correction offset, field order, anaglyph and side-by-side (cross-eyed) source conversion. The "Depth correction offset" feature (sometimes called "parallax") makes the picture look deep beyond the screen surface.


A converter from 3d crosseye photos to 3d anaglyph red-cyan.
The code is slow because it works pixel by pixel, please try first with small pictures, like 640x240 (from 2x 320x240) - i think a similar code can perform faster, like moving a group of pixels (a half of the picture in this case) at once from just one colour channel, but i have no idea about how to do it, specially how to crop out the result, and defining a GUI for choosing if we want a rc or a cr anaglyph. All help are very welcome! :-)


This program creates stereoscopic 3D anaglyph photos from a stereo pair. In order to make use of this program you will first need a pair of images from slightly different angles or the same object. You then need to place both images as different layers in the same image window in Gimp with the right image as the Bottom layer and the left image as the next layer above it and no other layers in the image (if you use this script in other circumstances then it probably won't work properly).

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