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Public Domain

Code is in the public domain.

Multi scale

Scales an image multiple times in defined step sizes until the desired size is reached while retaining the aspect ratio of the image.

This is basically the "Scale in steps" script from K.-M. Hansche tailored to my needs.

Give the desired size of the image and select whether this is for width or height. The step size defines how much pixels the image will be shrunken every time. When flattening the image, the layers will be merged and the image is automatically cropped. The other options control the scaling itself.

Tapestry v3.0

Assemble Relic Super-screenshot

If you've ever taken a super-screenshot from within a Relic Entertainment game, with Misc_SuperScreenshot(), you'll know how tedious it is to combine all the images it produces into one. So this script does it for you.

Use by opening any image from a super-screenshot sequence and choosing Filters > Combine > Assemble Relic super-screenshot.

Draw guides

Draw guides is a simple script which draws guides using current pencil on the current layer. Useful if you want to see guides when you print the image.


Descreen is a script that does descreening using the FFT Fourier plugin ( )

This script does descreening without blurring the image.

It can descreen the following picture :

And gives the following picture :

Golden Ratio guides

Based on Guillermo Maldonado Rule of Thirds, the script adds Golden Ratio guides to the image.

Half Tile Offset

Offsets all layers by half. Image/Half_Tile_Offset Useful when creating a tilable texture. Just press Alt+I,O and you can start editing the image-edge seams.

A workflow-friendly fast alternative to going around every layer and selecting Layer/Transform/Offset... / Offset by x2,y2 / OK



Let's say we have this 256x256 crop:

Original image, before editing


Sprite Sheet / Animation tiles

Creates a new spritesheet (animation frames) from the layers of an image.

1) To install, copy SpriteSheet.scm to {GIMP-HOME}\share\gimp\2.0\scripts\SpriteSheet.scm
2) Either close Gimp and re-open, or simply select menu: Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts
3) Load your images via File > Open as layers (select all the images you want to in the spritesheet)
4) Optionally re-order your layers to determine ultimate order. Bottom-most layer will be left-most image in final merge.

Export all layers to Anime Studio 5 project (v2)

This is an update for Gimp 2.6; below is the original description:

Cropp a webpage automatically

You define a dictionary type directly inside the plugin script stating the layers and the area of the image you want to cropp, and you can give a resize factor (variable newsize) for the whole image. You can choose between opening all created cropped images in gimp or saving them.

Just edit the default images dictionary to your needs or test the script on the example xcf file available at

You should have some basic python knowledge to use this script!


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