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This tag should only be used if the script or plug-in is not specific to one GIMP version at all. This is most likely never the right tag to use.


Steganography tool to hide/retrieve text or an image in an image.
Once data is hidden in an image, one can't tell the morphed image from a bunch of others (even similar looking).

Open any image and run Filters>Steganography>Hide to specify an input text file or image[lossless]. This will hide the data within the opened image. You can then save the image as a png/bmp/lossless format.

Selective Color Blurring

The plugin selectively blurs the color information (both hue and saturation) in image. There are two basic scenarios / reasons to use this: When saturating poorly saturated images (to prevent artifacts in color) and cartoonizing images. The plugin blurs selectively, and can even "sharpen" transitions between two colors.

The plugin have thee basic outputs - blur the color on place/image, cartoon mode and creation of lines.

Clairs & Obscurs

Clairs & Obscurs is a French fork of Shadows and Hightlights.

The values of correction are set to 0 by defalut instead of 50, letting you adjust them later once the twi layers are made.


Create Gradient from Image application

I created a simple program in WINAPI to generate gradients of the downloaded jpg image files. The principle is simple, if an image is loaded, you can press the left mouse button in a fixed area image window, drag and release in the second section and the program automatically creates a preview of a gradient consisting of a number of segments displayed in the control at the top of the window. By pressing the button with the hand goes to manual mode, where you can add or subtract points on the path drawn by double clicking the left mouse button near a path.

GAP Append Frames

This program allows you to append frames to another set of frames. It does this by renaming files "up" so their numbers are listed ahead of the first set of frames. What makes this different from "Renumber frames" is the ability to change the text before the frame numbers.

This isn't technically a plugin, but I feel it should be.


Let's say you have MyMovie_000001.xcf through MyMovie_000500.xcf that you need to append to an identical set of files.

Move the executable into the directory where you want to append *from*.

Rainbow tonemapping

This plugin creates fancy/colorfull/surrealistic images from photos.

Visit for a bit more theory and examples

Export gradient from svg file to ggr

This simple program pulls definitions gradients created in a file. Svg Inkscape and converts them into files gimp gradients GGR. You can just drag the icon svg file an application, which will export the gradients to the files in the program folder, or run the application by clicking on it twice, and acting in accordance with the instructions.

Random gradient generator

Simple console program made by me to automatic generate random gradient in ggr format. Someday I wonted to do this tutorial here: and I could not do it because GIMP does not have a generator of random gradients. Because I know how to programing I decided to write a console program that generates a random gradient for me.

Export Layers

A script to save the layers of an image as separate files in a specified directory. Allows the user to specify the structure of the exported filenames (exported file type is determined by extension).

Advanced Unsharp Mask

Sharpening tool, uses blurred mask. Sharpness is modified with few sliders that work like a kind of equalizer. User can control blurring parameters (radius and treshold for selective blur mask). It provides 4 types of output: Sharpenned image, mask, split/comparision mode and mask-to-img differences.
Brightness of image can be affected by levels-like tool that works indirectly - via the mask.
See attached screenshot for more info.

Plugin is multithreaded.


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