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This tag should only be used if the script or plug-in is not specific to one GIMP version at all. This is most likely never the right tag to use.


This script is a filter trying to imitate the effect of Clarity slider. This is in essence USM (Unsharp Mask) masked to be effective only in midtones. For best results try large radius values (100 or above).

As currently file uploads don't seem to work, download from (remove spaces):
sourceforge . net /projects/johnlakgimp/files/Clarity/

Copy the .scm file into:
Windows Vista/7:

Windows XP and older:
c:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\.gimp-2.8\scripts

batch divide image

divide the image into 2 parts in equal, vertical or horizontal,base on your choice.



Allows the user to pick a camera coordinate (precomputed coordinates that provide a 2:1 grade) and render a texture to the side of a box viewed from that coordinate.

See readme for more information.

Grass and sea texture maker

This is a script that transforms a black and white simple drawing into a map like image with grass and sea. I tested it only on my machine, and it take several seconds to run and create a reasonable looking figure. All my tests where tried on a 500x500 image with 200x200 dpi resolution.

My machine (the only one I tested this on) is Lenovo edge. It has a i3 processor (don't remember the exact model) and 6GB of RAM. I run Ubuntu 13.04 and gimp 2.8.4 on it.

How to use.

Cool Look filter

This is a bundle of two filters with similar action. The first one is cooling the white balance of the image while boosting red tones saturation, somewhat imitating Nikon look. The second one is cooling the dark tones while boosting red saturation on the brighter tones.

See samples:

After Cool Look filter:

After Cool Look 2 filter:

Change animation framerate

This plugin changes the framerate of an animation that is stored as a multi layer image.

Note that it does still have a few bugs.
It also puts priority on keeping the length equal rather then keeping the frame timing consistent.

Try adjusting the loops per pass control if you notice excessive stuttering or uneven framerate.



Adds the ability to manually enter in a 3x3 transformation matrix.

Please see the readme included in the attached file for installation instructions.

This is a thin wrapper UI around gimp-item-transform-matrix, it may not behave as expected when the transform is not affine.

Repeated Painter (Seamless pattern creator)

This plugin is to help you to create seamless patterns or game tiles and so on. Everything you paint into image is copied periodically over the rest of image.

If you are interested, here is small introductory video:, though principle of its work is very simple...


;;; COLOGRAM.SCM -*-scheme-*- This File is written by Friedemann Wolpert 2010
;;; You can contact the Author using the following eMail: Friedemann@MedienKunstOnline.De
;;; Project Entry for "Mach Flott den Schrott 2", Heise Magazin

B&W border v2

This is 2nd version of very simple script. It creates image's borders.

To install this script:
1. Download "BW-border-ENG-v2.scm" file.
2. Copy this file into "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\scripts" directory.
3. Script is in the "Script-Fu->B&W Border... v2" menu.

Sample effects:

Script screen:


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