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A typical BSD-ish license, e.g. Apache, X11, and so on.

Texture Atlas Utilities

Utilities to create texture atlases from sets of images, useful in 3D games to avoid excessive state changes.

In addition to the atlas image, a ".tat" file is generated and updated to indicate which component images were incorporated into the atlas image. The format of this file is suitable for direct use in C/C++ development:

Select Top/Previous/Next/Bottom Layer Only

This script cycles through layers making the active layer the only visible layer (useful for hand-editing simple animations) similar to Layer > Stack > Select Next/Previous Layer.

Motivational Maker

Create a motivational poster from the current image: Enter a caption and some clever text, and you're ready to go!

Options include selecting the font face, size and color. You can also choose not to flatten the final result, if you want to edit the layers for that extra special touch.

The included text file details installation and usage. Feedback welcome!

batch cartoon effect

A simple plugin (my first) to run the cartoon effect on multiple images. It took me a while to write whilst trying to edit a lot of photos (for a short film about geography)

it is available from /Xtns/Misc/Batch cartoon effect


A Script-Fu that create a Chrome effect with gradient shadow

Polished Plastic

A Script-Fu that create a Polished Plastic Text or Shape

homepage(fr) :

Aquabou - AquaButton

A Script-Fu that create a Aqua Style Button

homepage :


A Script-Fu that create a bumpmapped Text or Shape

homepage :

Amiga Glow Icons

The Script generates a glowing image (RGBA). Use for create an icon with glow effect (selected) like Amiga desktop. Script support combine glowing methods for any applications. Glow options:

* Glow Color
* Glow Intensity (0..10)
* Brightness (0..120)
* Gaussian Blur Intensity (1..100)
* Post-Blur: Pixelize
* Post-Blur: Noisify
* Image decrease scaling (x24..x2)

Ready for Gimp 2.4.3!

Border invert

It inverts the borders of the objects.

Invierte los bordes de los objetos.

- GIMP 2.4

Image modified



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