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This is an attempt to automate making a galaxy via GIMP. I'd seen a few excellent tutorials, but none that could be easily automated. One of the resulting pictures is attached to this page.

The galaxy can have any number of arms, and they can have varying degrees of curvature. Very high degrees of curvature will result in an elliptical galaxy rather than a spiral. Stars can be added, and the galaxy can be set to have any perspective or color.

Load images for HDR blending

Load 3 or 5 images of an exposure series into GIMP for HDR blending.

This is a helper script aimed at automating the loading procedure of the GIMP HDR Workflow described at


Here's a quick overview of the HDR workflow:


This is a plugin to load GIMP curves via script-fu (or other scripting language). The plugin returns arrays with the curve values for use with
gimp-curves-spline or gimp-curves-explicit

iPhone Layer Extraction

This script will export all visible layers to a user selected destination in 2 resolutions: full resolution for iPhone 4 and half resolution for older iPhones. Files are named according to layer name, and full resolution images have @2x in the filename.

This is a modified version of a script by Chris Mohler.


This is the new and improved XNView plugin.

Updated to V 0.7 to fix a bug when saving the files files in a format other than png

This python script will call an external program, providing the active layer or a new from visible layer to this external program via a temp file. Once the external program is completed, it should save/overwrite the orignal temp file which gets pulled back in to gimp.

This was initially developed to use photoshop plugins under XNView since pspi support is more or less broken in the latest versions of gimp.

Colorize to PNGs

Simple plug-in to colorize the image in all hues (0-360) and save each colorized image in the specified directory.

This plug-in requires the GIMP Python module.

islamic art and geometric design

How to install :
after download islamic-design-1.scm or islamic-design-2.scm file from below copy it to scripts folder:
How to use :
start Gimp and create new image and set Brush,color,... then go to : /Filters/Render/islamic-design
set WIDTH and click ok !

Copyright text batch

A batch version of copyright text made by EG

You can call this script in batch mode, after copying it in ~/gimp-2.6/scripts

gimp -b '(VB-Copyright-batch "file-name" "Text-copyright" "Font" color position)' -i -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
Color : 0 - gray
1 - black
2 - white
Position : 0 - Bottom right
1 - Bottom left
2 - Bottom center
3 - Top right
4 - Top left
5 - Top center
6 - Image center

run examples :

gimp -b '(VB-Copyright-batch "img.JPG" "\302\251 - 2010 VB" "Arial" 2 1)' -i -b '(gimp-quit 0)'

Smart Separate Sharpen

Implements a new version of smart sharpening (redux) combined with separate sharpen to give better results. Thanks to Michael Kolodny for working on this.


Updated to work with Guimp 2.8.

CMY Skin Tone Adjust

[updated 11/28/2011 be 2.7 compatible- A HUGE thank you to François Collard for providing the update.]
Another simple, but I hope useful, color toning automation script designed to assist in adjusting flesh tones in portraits. It doesn't do anything that you couldn't do on your own a few other ways, but if you like fiddling with the complexion of subjects in portraits, and like me, you are a tad lazy, you might find it helpful.


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