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Highpass Sharpen

Implement a highpass filter sharpening

Infos about highpass sharpening:

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

IR channel switch

Autolevel colors (aka trivial auto-whitebalance), switch Red and Blue channel in a color IR image

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

Add Film Grain

Add adding realistic film grain to BW images

Description for PS:

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

Paste as new layer

Quickly and easily paste into a new layer. Accessible from the Edit menu.

Shape Paths

This is a collection of Script-Fus that create Paths in the form of geometric shapes. Squares, rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, ellipses, ovals, polygons, stars, flowers, gears, triangle waves, square waves, and sine waves are currently supported.

Version 0.91 is updated for GIMP 2.4.x! It now supports automatic stroking and filling!


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