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Animation attributes

With this little plugin, you can easily tune animation related strings
(like (100ms) or (replace)) in the layer attributes.




This plugin (with the help of the external "gifsicle"-program) produces
GIF-animations with more than 256 colors.


Range Selection Script

The range selection script is a tool for easy and automatic creation of selections and lay­er masks. The selections or masks include all parts of the image that are situated within a defined range of tonal values, colours, saturation or edges. Selections can be based on one of 16 channels. For detailed instructions and several samples have a look at the attached manual.

bloom effect

This is a simpel layer effect for creating light bloom. It blurs bright parts of an image to create the effect of the human eye looking into strong light.

For using with several image types here some general advices for tweeking the parameters:


This script sharpens an image using some simpel layer manipulations. It offers a Radius and a strength operator to increase strength vs quality. I also added a simpel brightness correction in order to remove highlights created by a too high sharpening value. IT's therefore recommended to increase the correction value when increasing the strength value a lot.

Fix Overblown Areas

This script helps fix overblown areas of an image. It's not as good as some other methods that must be done manually, but it's not bad. It will NOT fix clipped colors (maximum overblown areas); it only helps increase the contrast in bright highlights.

The script is located in "<Image> / Script-Fu / Enhance / Fix Overblown"

Feedback welcome!

Clean CCD Noise

This script helps fix noise found in digital camera pictures.


G'MIC must be installed! When this script calls up the G'MIC plug-in, select Bilateral Filter with default settings.

There seems to be some confusion as to what all this script does... So here's a short description of the procedure:

Measure Active Path

Returns the length of the active path in pixels via gimp_message. A message will appear in the status bar, unless the Error Console is opne - in that case the message will be directed to the Console.

Filters->Measure->Active Path

Tested with 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.10 and Win XP.

Sepia Toning 0.4

This is an automagic copy of Sepia Toning tutorial by Eric R. Jeschke.

This is just an update for Gimp 2.6 of wariats Sepia Toning 0.3

Seamless image of one the woven from palettes

To create seamless image of one the woven is very easy with plugin.
Run the plugins, selects a palette, obtains a new image with the model of the woven.


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