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Fractal Trace -BIG preview )

Fractal Trace is already included in Gimp , but hard to use because the microscopic preview
The difference is all in the preview size now multipled.

gimp-Fractal Trace-hack

NOTE ,: this is a replacement not a additional plugin to install first remove the original plugin

thank to Francois Collard there is also a windows binary


Mask for Prints

Every paper size has a different shape, and none probably match the shape of the images produced by your digital camera. This little utility will create a layer showing which parts of an image will fit on the paper when printed. A wide selection of print sizes are included. Using it will help you layout your image so that important pieces aren't cut off by the printer/lab.

This script-fu was developed under Gimp-2.0 and Gimp-2.4

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