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Alien Aura Logo

Alien Aura Logo - Original script by Michael Schalla (was once on
Here is the result with the default parameters :

Version 2.4.1 is for Gimp 2.4 and 2.6.

generate three vista plus (mac) type buttons

This is an adaption of a script that I found (not sure where now but possible to re-find by searching on google). The name under the registration was Lucas Pettett so I guess it was his.
Originally it took some colours and text and produced a vista style button with a gradient dark part and light part horizontally divided. The corners were rounded and it had a border.
I have added the following things (so I can quickly create buttons for some of the applications I am working on):

  1. horizontal edge has rounded corners and feathered
  2. produces three versions:

    itext (gimp 2.4)

    Gimp 2.4

    (en) To create a logo text with "Apple iMac logo" effect. Based in a tutorial: "iText tutorial" of Craig Marshall & Phil Harper, published in .

    (pt-BR) Para criar um logo texto com efeito "Apple iMac logo". Baseado no tutorial: "iText tutorial" de Craig Marshall & Phil Harper, publicado em .

    "Google Logo" Script

    This script creates shiny-looking 3D logos, similar to that of a well-known search engine.

    The original script lives under Filters → Alpha to Logo → Google Effect. It creates a 3D logo from an existing image. For example, this:
    Martin Ultima
    Turns into this:
    Martin Ultima


    A Script-Fu that create a Chrome effect with gradient shadow

    Polished Plastic

    A Script-Fu that create a Polished Plastic Text or Shape

    homepage(fr) :


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