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artificial galaxies

Sepia Toning 0.4

This is an automagic copy of Sepia Toning tutorial by Eric R. Jeschke.

This is just an update for Gimp 2.6 of wariats Sepia Toning 0.3


A set of plugins and scripts for astronomical image processing

Not intended for scientific image processing, due to gimp's 8bit depth restriction (for "pretty pictures" only).


07.10.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.8
02.09.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.7
31.07.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.6
29.06.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.5
25.03.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.4


  • Align layers using center of brightness or 2D (fourier) cross correlation or gauss fit, subpixel-resolution, with de-rotation!
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