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A simple script to generate a camo pattern. You can control for the colours used, number of colours, roughness of the edges, and size of the blobs. Results are generated in a new layer in the active image.


Wave Tank

Generates an animation by taking the active layer and applying a tileable, looping pattern like you might see on the bottom of a swimming pool. You can control the size of the pattern, number of frames, and blend mode of the pattern. The resulting animation is created in a new image.

Wave Tank

How it works

Cut, Copy, and Paste Multiple Layers

(Updated May 1, 2010)


Resynthesizer, GIMP 2.6.8


I'm having problems with the resynthesizer plug-in. I have ran the resynthesizer.14 AND 16 and both are not working, a pop-up comes up. Saying that it failed to start because intl.dll was not found. I have not removed anything from the installed files.

I uploaded a picture of the pop-up below.

Thanks. :)

Golden Ratio guides

Based on Guillermo Maldonado Rule of Thirds, the script adds Golden Ratio guides to the image.

Archimedean Spirals

Draws one of five types of predefined spirals, or lets the user modify the power parameter. The formula is:

r = a + b * theta ^ n

r - radius
a - growth factor
b - multiplication factor
theta - angle
n - power factor

The predefined types are: Archimedean (n = 1), Fermat (n = 1/2), Circle (n = 0), Lituus (n = -1/2), Hyperbolic (n = -1). If you choose a predefined type, the power factor you input on the form will be disregarded.

Half Tile Offset

Offsets all layers by half. Image/Half_Tile_Offset Useful when creating a tilable texture. Just press Alt+I,O and you can start editing the image-edge seams.

A workflow-friendly fast alternative to going around every layer and selecting Layer/Transform/Offset... / Offset by x2,y2 / OK



Let's say we have this 256x256 crop:

Original image, before editing


Burnt Paper

This plugin creates a burnt-paper effect. It uses your selection as the original outline of the paper. It then creates an old looking piece of paper that is burnt around the edges and overlays the current layer atop this paper.

Here is an example of its output:

That image was created from a text layer and a selection that was larger than the text area:

Here is the plugin source file

Initial image

Automaticly copies the image and insert this. The script creates a Layer-Mask and makes a part of the insert layer invisible.
It's great to have a part of the original image on the top, because than you have a very well comparision.

If you have any suggestions for improvement contact me.

Please notice: It's only version 1.0.0, so I hope it will be better in near future!

I hope this example conform your requests:


Define the center of rotation, angle and count it will then copy and rotate based on the original distance from center. I have included images to show usage. This was based in part on Radial Copy by pkotronis but as i couldn't figure out how to use his i made a simpler one

edit: I added a layer resize to fix errors and a new script that does the same thing but creates a new layer for each rotation.


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