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MySQL Database Exercise

This plug-in is strictly an exercise in applying MySQL to GIMP by way of Python scripting. Python has an easy way of accessing MySQL data by way of the mysqldb module. The plug-in is coded to work with a query against the Sakila MySQL sample dabase, but may work with any query that returns more than one row. This exercise is coded to restrict access to no more than 36 rows (... LIMIT 36).

Golden Mailing Labels

This python plugin reads names and addresses from a MySQL database and creates golden mailing labels (with optional return label).

I created this script out of the desire to have golden text on my wedding invitation and save the date envelopes. I may have taken this too far :-)

WARNING: Some understanding of SQL required.
Screen shots & Examples added (03-18-08)

The completed envelope(s) are either displayed or exported to a png or jpeg file. I found windows preview far more capable of printing than the GIMP (sorry everybody).

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