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Harry's vignetting

Script to create an elliptical vignetting, so that to fit to the borders of any image, even panoramic.
You can choose dark or white vignetting and also blur corners.
You'll find it in Script-Fu/Effects/Harry's Vignetting.

bloom effect

This is a simpel layer effect for creating light bloom. It blurs bright parts of an image to create the effect of the human eye looking into strong light.

For using with several image types here some general advices for tweeking the parameters:


This plugin evens the tone of an image. It useful in photography for correcting weird light, and can hide skin blemishes.

The layers are not merged to allow opacity adjustments after the filter has been run.

Usually for a photograph, you'll want to use either the sharpen layer, or the "Soft Light" layer. Using both can make colors look too saturated, and has a posterizing effect.

For extra sharpness, change the sharpen layer mode to grain merge, but be ready to lessen the opacity, as the effect is quite striking.


Python-Fu script to apply light bloom effect on an image. Simply put, this script will make shiny parts of the image even shinier and makes the light creep over the edges of darker objects, sort of like what usually happens when you take a photo against the light. The script will create a flattened copy of the image, and add a layer of light on top of it. You can play with the growth settings in the script and the layer opacity and mode to achieve certain effects.

BW Labs

This is another script for converting a picture to black & white. The decompose plugin must to be available. The way of converting the picture is rather different than what other plugins do. Two different luminance layers are mixed according to a mask made with a saturation layer. Six different combinations are provided. Functions are available under the menu script-fu/Photography/BW Labs.

Rays of Light

Creates a shining glow as demonstrated in the tutorial here:
This script will only operate on the alpha-layer
It assumes that the layer size is the same size as the image size
It will not add color to the rays as in the tutorial
The rays are now created much like an outer glow, rather than being merged with a background as in the tutorial
Tested in v2.4.2 only

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