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Is Gimp now compatible with Word 7?

My gimp was working until i upgraded to word 7. Now the program won't download properly. What can i do, and are the two incompatable? I see many others still using it. Thanks.


Help with advanced tone mapping

Hello all, I'm new here, and I need your expertise...
I recently got a new computer, so I had to re-install GIMP and all my favourite plug-ins. However, there are one or 2, no matter how many times I try, that just won't show up in GIMP even after saving them, and as luck would have it, they were among the plug-ins I use the most: advanced tone mapping and refocus.
Is Advanced tone mapping still available, and do you have any tips about how to re-install it?
Thanks in advance,


I feel wore out trying to run this program for hours NO WHERE!

I am sick of not being able to contact who ever I need.


Can't type in Chinese word.(Mac version)

I installed the Gimp with "gimp-2.8.4-nopython-dmg-1.dmg" file. It can start up, but in the text box, I can't type in any Chinese word with any input source. (Fit or Mac's input) It can type in English words.
It can paste some Chinese words in the text box from other program, and can save.
How can I type in the Chinese words or some other words except the Englist words in the text box?


New to Plug-ins for gimp?

I'm new to plug-ins,how do I download it?where can I find the files in Windows 8?,and How can i add it and use it in Gimp?Thanks for your pleasure and comments.


Saving Metadata in Gimp

Hi All
First time on this Forum!!
I have Gimp 2.8.4 on my Linux PCLOS 2013 system.
I'm trying to save Metadata to my photos and I can edit-in what I want under 'File>Properties'.
BUT no matter what I do it DOES NOT save what I enter!!
Am I doing something wrong?
I see mention of 'libexif' being needed - if this is so how do I add it??
My formats are jpg and png.
Thanks for any help
Pretoria, RSA


Gifs Save As Gifs, But Don't Play?

I made a banner that took 6 hours, and now it won't work. When I filter it as an animation, I can watch it and it works fine.
But, after I export it in GIF format, it is a still frame of the last layer... How can I fix this?


Slider Information Disappears

Whenever I move the dialogs into the docks the program creates for me, all text on the sliders disappears. I can move the sliders, but I don't know their function or values.

I activated single window mode.


Crashes upon Starting Application

2.8 is crashing right when I try to open it
Worked perfectly just a few hours ago, and now have tried everything and it wont start

Right when it gets to loading the data files it crashes

Not code savvy and dont know much about how it all works
Any one know what to do or experiencing the same issue????


Downloading gimp

I am having a lot of trouble getting a working copy of gimpshop onto my computer. I do not have an internet connection at home, and no working laptop, so am unable to port it over from any downloading site. I have tried downloading from the public library onto a flashcard, and it installed perfectly onto the flashcard, but when I take the flashdrive home, the application will not run on my computer (XP operationg system), because it does not recognize Gimpshop as a win32 program. Once back at the library, the application runs perfectly.



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