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Facial Symmetry

Most peoples faces are not symmetrical. This python plugin, allows you to easily create mirror images of a persons face. Just make a rectangular selection of the portion of the image you are interested in, and the plugin will do the rest. An example can be found on my website:

Simple Door Hanger Template script

A simple script to generate a template for a Door Hanger. The template generated is at a 300dpi resolution and is 900X3000 pixels (ie 3 X10 inches when printed).

Smart Gradient

This is a simple gradient plugin for GIMP, written in python. It applies a linear gradient to a rectangular selection, in one of four directions, using the colours of the pixels at the starting edge, and fading to the background colour, over the width, or height of the selection. To try this out, all you need to do is download the script, and store it in the gimp plugins folder, in your home directory. Remember to set the executable flag on the file. An example of use may be found on my site :

Scite extended Lisp/Gimp-Scheme property file

Helps with the viewing and editing of gimp scripts. The command section should be modified to accommodate your flavor of scheme.

--> Back up or rename the original
--> Save this file as
--> Then place this file in the Scite/Scintilla directory.

Have fun

N++ : gimp_scm_cmds.txt >> cntrl A -> cntrl C -> and pasted into Scheme's 'Function Word2' and then reload from disk to check highlight.

ice logo

this is my first script-fu it will freeze anything you put inside it

Initial image

Automaticly copies the image and insert this. The script creates a Layer-Mask and makes a part of the insert layer invisible.
It's great to have a part of the original image on the top, because than you have a very well comparision.

If you have any suggestions for improvement contact me.

Please notice: It's only version 1.0.0, so I hope it will be better in near future!

I hope this example conform your requests:

BW Colorizer

This extension allows you to add dominants to your black and white (or colour) photos.
In the "Layer mask" mode the dominant is balanced with a mask, such that your whites remains whites.
The homepage is in Italian but you can see some screenshots and examples there. Please note also that the plugin is in English.



Fake HDR Look

After reading the interesting article Fake HDR Look in Gimp I decided to write this script-fu in order to speed up the process.
The homepage of this script is written in italian, but you can see some screenshots and examples of the results (and the plugin is in english).

Dependencies: dodge and burn


Pencil drawing

The script makes a pencil drawing from a photo. It's very easy to handle.
The original tutorial can be found here:
Here you can see a little example:


This script creates nice shapes in Gimp. The model is a layer/path it will be duplicated a few times and these copys will be moved and/or rotated.
The coolest effects can made with a spline (from a path). In the new version you can choose if you take a path or a layer. The interest here is, that you don't lose on quality.

So, here's a little guide:
1. Create a path and make it visible.
2. Start the scirpt (Filters/Shapes) and make your settings.
3. Go to paths dialog, right click -> Merge Visible Paths
4. Stroke the Path with default options


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