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2-Dimensional Gradient v. 1.2

2-Dimensional Gradient (2DG) produces a new layer containing a gradient that changes in two dimensions. People using non-English-language GIMP installations are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

9 sample gradients follow (collected into a single image):

9 sample patterns produced by this Script-Fu

PS Gradmap

As a simple experiment, I took the instructions in the tutorial on the GimpTalk forums and created a script-fu for making PS-style gradient maps. The steps to do it are pretty simple, but I added a few new options to it, such as flattening image and layer opacity.

Works quick and should also be simple enough to work in either 2.2 or 2.4 without any problems. I have built and tested this in 2.4.5. If it doesn't work in the older versions, let me know and I'll try to work out whatever bugs come up.


Oh, and the original tutorial this is based on can be found here:

Color to B&W by Gradient

A set of gradients for toning B&W photos. New are multi-colored toning gradients (thanks Ron Antonishen for the conversion script), and 3 Albubum print gradients. Instructions for use are in the README file.

Note: you will generally get better results from:

->color->map->sample colorize

than from

->color->map->gradient map

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