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Any version 2 GIMP. This is most likely not correct for the majority of plug-ins and scripts, please use more specific version tags.

Color to Mask Pro

A tool for masking out single-colored backgrounds.

* The two-step operation allows easy manual corrections
* Masks background color and (optionally) drop shadows
* Four operation methods: Difference, Value, Hybrid (soft) and Hybrid (hard)
* All thresholds are soft
* Edge compression
* Color spill correction (semi-manual)
* Optional Pre-blur reduces mask noise and artifacts
* The "Ignore channel" feature eases removal of background with the color similar to the objects

3D MPO File Loader

This plug-in is based on the enhancement request in bugzilla -

This plug-in loads the MPO(Multiple Picture Object) file with its respective layers. MPO file is the raw 3D file format for many 3D cameras.

Source Code:

Green Pixels

Converts the original image into a interesting green one.
It may be necessary to play with brightness or color intensity in order to get a pretty result.



Make Seamless Advanced

An advanced version of "Make Seamless".

When searching for a good tool for making seamless textures I found "Seamless texture maker" by RPG, but it turned out to be very simplistic and a bit glitchy, so I wrote my own version. It produces two additional layers - the horizontal and the vertical overlap.

Blue Channel Skin Check Layer (Calvin Hollywood)

So I have known for a while that the Blue channel is not particularly flattering on skin tones, and tends to show a lot of imperfections when retouching.

This can be used to our advantage by using the Blue channel as a 'guide' for seeing easily areas where some retouching/healing might be needed.

MySQL Database Exercise

This plug-in is strictly an exercise in applying MySQL to GIMP by way of Python scripting. Python has an easy way of accessing MySQL data by way of the mysqldb module. The plug-in is coded to work with a query against the Sakila MySQL sample dabase, but may work with any query that returns more than one row. This exercise is coded to restrict access to no more than 36 rows (... LIMIT 36).

Resynthesizer v1.0 for Linux and Windows

This is a suite of ten Gimp plugins known as the 'Resynthesizer'. The most commonly used is 'Heal selection' but all use the plugin whose full interface is found at 'Filters>Map>Resynthesize.'

resynthesizer.tar.gz is an archive for Linux. is an archive for Windows.

The plugins require Gimp and Python. (Or, there exists a script-fu 'Heal selection' plugin that does not require Python.)

To install, download the appropriate file, uncompress it, and copy the files to the standard place for Gimp plugins.

Balance colors through samples indicated as gray.

This little script was inspired by "GIMP tutorial - advanced color correction using sample point and curves" which nicely describes a method to get the color balance of a drawable right.
It expects an active path. If it's not there it exits unceremoniously.
The average RGB values of a 5 pixel radius area around the points in the path are taken and from these color adjustment curves are invoked with the aim to equalize them and thereby get the color balance right.


input: white object on black background
output: beveled object reflecting specified probe image

For a description with examples see:

Source code on github:

I only compiled a windows binary (see attachment).

Enhanced Python Console Help

Rather than using the regular procedure browser to look up the documentation for a procedure, you can use this help() replacement. Here is a sample of the output for the plug-in-tile procedure:

plug_in_tile(image, drawable, new_width,
new_height, new_image, run_mode=RUN_INTERACTIVE)

Create an array of copies of the image


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