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New shape Crossed corners:

Path shape creator

  • 2014-09-02 New checker: Tiles BDownload from here
  • 2014-08-22 New shape: Ruler
  • Updated shape: Spiral
  • New shape: Arch-Gothic
  • arclayer

    arclayer takes a layer (for instance, a text layer) and bends it in a circular arc of a specified radius. Home page at


    This script allows to design points around a circumference in parametric modality.

    Help page:

    Draw ellipse

    To draw ellipse and circle at center point specified with the brush and color active.

    Author web site:

    Help page:

    Amazing Circles

    Amazing Circle technique with advanced options. Includes options to choose border colour (or calculate from border average), border size and vignetting effect, whirl/pinch distortion, alternate circle method, plus optional drop shadow & shading.

    Amazing circles

    Turns any image into an amazing circle.
    This script has three settings:
    1. Circle depth, set the circle depth percentage when doing the distortion.
    2. Surround colour, pick the colour that goes around the outside of circle.
    3. Crop, when and if the image is cropped into a square.
    Using 100% circle:

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