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The original scripting extension.

Duotone simulation

Simulate several Duo- and Tritones (like sepia)


Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

Copyright text

Add a copyright text to your image.

Updated to work with Guimp 2.8.

Color vibrance

Change the color saturation of your image (implementation of a 'digital velvia')

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.


Add borders to your image.

Updated to work with Guimp 2.8.

ISO noise reduction

Implements an ISO noise reduction as described in the tutorial below, also this script uses different methods (masking the edges and then blurring the individual color channels or the luminance channel only)


Highpass Sharpen

Implement a highpass filter sharpening

Infos about highpass sharpening:

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

IR channel switch

Autolevel colors (aka trivial auto-whitebalance), switch Red and Blue channel in a color IR image

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

Add Film Grain

Add adding realistic film grain to BW images

Description for PS:

Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

Photo effects

This is a compilation of some wonderfull scripts of Iccii and some other scripts I 've made myself, all brought together is one script-fu file to make the installation very simple.

Contains : Cartoon, Color pencil, Conte crayon, Cutout, Drawing, Inkpen, Note Paper, Paint dot image, Palette knife, Pastel, Stamp, Water paint effect, (plastic) Wrap effect. Angled strokes, Crosshatched, Chrome image, Cross light, Funky color, Soft focus, Solarisation, Brick wall, Patchwork, Stained glass, Texturizer, High pass, Scroll, ...

toggle layer visibility

Toggles the visibility of selected layers. Purpose is to see directly the influence that one layer or a group of layers has to the whole image in comparison to the influence of another layer or group of layers.
The visibility-status of the selected layers (by anchor) is switched from visible to invisible and vice versa
each time the script is executed.
So the best way is to use the script with a shortcut-key.
The script installs itself under layer -> stack -> Toggle Visibility


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