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The original scripting extension.

Old weathered paper effect

This GIMP script adds an old paper effect to the image. It is based off of the tutorial by RobA at

Seperate layers are added so the image can be fine tuned after the script is run.

Crosshair Guides

This script puts guides at 50% Vertical and 50% Horizontal, to create a crosshair at the exact center of image/layer.

1 Inch Guides

This script creates guides at 1 inch intervals. It is dependent on pixels per inch settings.

10% Grid Guides

This script sets guides at every 10% Vertical and Horizontal.

10% Edge Guides

This script sets guides at a 10% border around the image.

Rule of Thirds

This script set's guide at the "Rule of Thirds" lines.

3D text

With this script you can give a 3D effect to a text in a text-layer. It is based on the Bump project script that is already in the standard GIMP. When started, you can adapt the depth and he direction of the 3D effect.It will create a new layer, behind the text-layer, that will contain the 3D effect.

FIL 1.7.2

FIL (Film Imitation Lab) is a powerful script for old photo simulation. FIL has a modular architecture and can use binary extension (plugins).

Current version: v1.7.2 (June 14th 2013).


Low Frequency Even ver 1.1 (UPDATED)

This plugin removes low frequency brightness and color differences from image. It's dedicated for creating textures for computer graphic from photos. But it shuld be usefull for other puroses too.

Four panel Comic page script

Basic script to create a template for a 4 panel comic page. All Panels are the same size based on page size and 2X2 layout with a 50 pixel border between them. Will do some more work on the script later to make it more flexible.

If you want the panels to be clear so you can slide you images in behind them then remove the ; from the start of line 39
; (gimp-edit-clear layer)

once installed you can find the script on the filter menu (should be down near the bottom).


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