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Solarize/metallize - Solarise/Metallise

Juste un petit script, qui créé 8 calques avec différentes façons de Solariser une image.
Just a little script, who create 8 layers, with differents ways to "Solarise" an image.

Par exemple, après utilisation du script/for example, after use the script :

5 exemples de Solarize / 5 examples of Solarize :

Palette knife/couteau à palette - Yet another "paint effect"...

Oui, encore un autre script pour passer d'une image à une "peinture"...
Avantages :
- fonctionne avec les filtres de base de Gimp (pas d'autres filtres à installer),
- rapide (quand il n'y a pas d'options cochées),
- quelques options permettent de peaufiner le résultat.
Une fois installé, le filtre apparaît dans le menu Filtres → Artistiques → Palette knife.

Enviromap V1.4

Enviromap V1.4 script assists in the rendering of environment maps suitable for use with GIMP's Lighting Effect plug-in. It is based on the article described here. The script uses a random seed, along with multiple user defined parameters, to generate endless variations of several types of environment maps.


Menu Location: Filters/Render/Environment Map..

Export Layers

Export Layers is a GIMP plug-in that exports layers as separate images in almost any file format supported by GIMP and possibly third-party plug-ins.

This plug-in:

  • uses native dialogs for file format export procedures to adjust file format settings
  • uses layer names as filenames for the exported images
  • supports layer groups and optionally treats them as folders
  • can optionally export only layers whose file extension matches specified file format
  • can use file extensions in layer names as file formats
  • can use layers with names in [square brackets] as background layers


3D MPO File Loader

This plug-in is based on the enhancement request in bugzilla -

This plug-in loads the MPO(Multiple Picture Object) file with its respective layers. MPO file is the raw 3D file format for many 3D cameras.

Source Code:

Calculate Saturation

This plugin calculates the saturation from a picture with four different saturation algorithms:
1. (max-min)
2. (max-min) / sum
3. like HSV: (max-min) / max
4. like HSL: (max-min) / (max+min)

Build and install it with:
$ gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-saturation.c

You'll find it then under Colors->Components->Calc Saturation.


Microfiche to files

This script chops up microfiche images into their individual pages and saves them as a series of image files

Selection bevel

New version of selection bevel released. Bugs of the last version have been fixed, and additionally a new feature added: now you can adjust the width and height of the bevel independently, creating neat effects where the bevel is thinner on some edges, or uneven.

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