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DRI with 3 images of one scene

If you ever wanted an easy way to merge three photos with different exposure settings taken from the same scene together to one image with a well balanced dynamic range - well here is the solution.

Shoot three images of one scene (with a tripod) with an exposure difference of 2-3 between two pictures. The middle one should be taken at the [P] (automatic) setting of your camera, then an over- and an underexposed one.

And be sure not to alter the aperture setting! Solely adjust the shutter speed because otherwise you would get different depth of field values.


This plugin fakes some kind of DRI effect by enchancing the dark parts of a picture and reducing the light parts. After that procedure it enhances the contrast by using the unsharp masking filter.

Because GIMP has no action recorder till now, i wrote this as a simple batch in python ;-).

I hope, you're like this little thing.

Tested with GIMP 2.6.x. Should be fine in 2.4.x too.

DRI (Dynamic Range Extension)

Implement a DRI (Dynamic Range Extension)

Input image with three layers:
Upper layer: Darker Image ((under)exposed for highlights)
Middle layer: Correctly exposed Image
Lower layer: Lighter Image ((over)exposed for shadows)


Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.

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