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info about layers

Found the plug-in, at, interesting.
To make it more useful, now it can generate some information beside viewing.
The additions are:
1) viewing and adding text explanations (date, etc...), about the layer, in a layer parasite
2) plug-in auto quit if no layer or initial image
3) permitting internationalization in 'user' folders (more text)
4) only one launch at a time

20 Century Fox effect

With this script you can generate a effect with your text layer that looks like the effect of the text on the trademark of the 20th Century Fox movie company.
It is based on the Bump project script that is already in the standard GIMP. When started, it will generate the effect searching the center of the image.
You can adapt
the number of layers, it will make the tail behind the chracters longer,
the horizontal and vertical shrink per layer, it will determine the speed of shrinking

Path shape creator

  • 24-jul-2014 Shapes Rectangle and square with spikesDownload from here
  • 23-jul-2014 New shape ray
  • 2-jul-2014 6c revision

    Download from gimp-shape-creator-6b

  • Multi-Band Blending (MBB)

    * 64-bits binary for Windows available. (It was compiled by Sylvie Alexandre. My sincere thanks!)
    * Sample file available.

    Path Shape creator 3: roundness for polygons and stars

    • 2-may-2014- Added new shape Flower
    • 1-may-2014- Added new shape Spiral

    Gimp follow path updated: map values on the Y coordinate

    Updated the script for replicate a layer over a path, now includes the option of mapping values on the Y axis coordinate

    More info and download from

    LayerFx - Français / Styles de calque en français

    Grâce au travail de traduction de Baluze, les scripts LayerFx (styles de calque) sont maintenant disponibles en français.
    Merci à lui pour le travail fourni.

    Auteur : Jon Stipe
    Traducteur : Baluze
    Lien vers les scripts originaux :

    Note :
    → les scripts apparaissent dans le menu Filtres>Styles de calque.


    open/save with Windows (native) dialog

    Instead of the non-standard, non-compatible, often annoying GTK window,
    this plugin shows a Windows standard/native save/open dialog.

    GTK dialog has nice features, but it still annoys me very much. I'm sure that windows users, esp. beginners and power users will find this dialog useful.

    I really don't like to have 2 separate menus for SAVE and EXPORT.
    this script has 1 menu entry for both XCF and other types, as it used to be several years ago.

    Follow path updated: added preview

    The script for repeat a layer following a path is updated using the new features added to gimpfu3, a drawingarea for previewing, tabs for make clearer the interface and the extra option 'connect' to link the objects to actions, more info and download from

    gimpfu3: tabs and drawingArea

    The new version of gimpfu includes three new objects and new extra options for make easy the design of the script interface, more info and download from


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