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D-Dayed is a script for The GIMP
Makes the image like the over saturated grainy war photos as evoked in the cinematography of films like Saving Private Ryan

Automated dodge and burn

This is an automation script to dodge and burn the highlights and shadows.


It tries to replicate lomography effect. It also tries C41 color curves. If someone has better color curve for this. Do tell

Pseudo Tone Fixer

This script tries to fix the tone of a photo taken with wrong exposure. In some landscape photos, it can have a nice effect of enhancing the colors.

The general idea is to produce different copies of the image at different gamma levels, then applying simple tone mapping techniques to produce a vibrant photo.

The script allows the user to control the number of copies by setting the lowest and highest gamma setting then the interval. For example lowest=20, highest=170, interval=10 results to (170-20)/10 = 15 copies with increasing gamma level from 0.2 to 1.7. Play around!

Sepia Toning

This is an automagic copy of Sepia Toning tutorial by Eric R. Jeschke

Duotone simulation

Simulate several Duo- and Tritones (like sepia)


Updated to work with Gimp 2.8.


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